SEO Companies in Kansas City: 4 MORE Ways to Write Blogs that Rank on Google – SEO companies in Kansas City understand how important it is for your business to create content that ranks high on Google. Focusing on your business’s SEO impact is a great way to combat low traffic to your website. The goal of SEO is to improve your business’s rankings on search engines like Google. Theoretically, the higher you rank on Google, the more customers your business will attract.

At Social: Managed., we are proud to be a trusted SEO company in Kansas City, and we want to help your business improve its Google standing. We believe that all businesses can thrive no matter how small and having an effective SEO strategy is a big part of that.

Many business professionals use blogs to improve their Google ranking. That’s why SEO companies in Kansas City compiled a list of 4 more of the best ways to write blogs that rank high on Google.

SEO Companies In Kansas City

1. Write For Humans

The best SEO companies in Kansas City understands how difficult it can be to write for humans when you know that you are creating your blogs specifically for Google. However, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, humans searching for answers to questions will be the driving force for improving your Google ranking.

SEO companies in Kansas City suggest keeping your buyer’s personas, interests, challenges, and motivations in mind when choosing blog topics. You should create content that appeals to actual humans. If you run a hardwood flooring company, write about interesting topics like DIY fails or flooring trends from the past year. This will increase your post’s engagement rates, improving your Google ranking.


2. Use Keywords in Your Meta Description

In our last blog, we talked about how important it is to use keywords in the body text of your blogs, but it’s just as important to include them in your meta description. According to the best Kansas City SEO company, meta descriptions are an important aspect of Google’s crawling requirements; it’s a little blurb that appears under the title of a result. They should be about one-to-three sentences long description of your blog; many people just use the first three sentences of their blog.

SEO companies in Kansas City suggest keeping your meta description short and using only one or two keywords in it. You should make it appeal; you’re trying to convince customers to read your blog instead of your competitor’s.

SEO Companies In Kansas City

3. Don’t Keyword Stuff

According to a Kansas City SEO company, you should never use keywords just to be using them; they should make sense and flow with your blog. The end goal is to have your page fully optimized, but you don’t want to go overboard. It’s important to remember that customers are going to read your blog, so you want it to be legible. SEO companies in Kansas City suggest only using your keywords in ways that seem natural.


4. Don’t Make Your Posts Too Short

According to an SEO company in Kansas City, blogs that are too short won’t rank as highly on Google. Your blogs should be at least 500 words long, although most SEO software, like Rank Math, suggests creating content that’s at least 600 words long.


The key to improving your business’s SEO rankings is to create engaging, high-quality content that your customers enjoy. Take the time to answer any questions they might have, and make sure you aren’t going overboard with keywords.

SEO Companies In Kansas City

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