Web Design Do’s and Don’ts for SEO Companies in Kansas City—Welcome to our blog on web design do’s and don’ts for SEO Companies in Kansas City-! We understand how important it is to design an effective website for your business, so we have compiled a list of key points to consider when creating or improving your website. With advice from experienced Kansas City web design companies, these tips will help you make the most out of your web presence and ensure that all visitors are met with an attractive and user-friendly interface. Keep reading to discover what you should and shouldn’t be doing during the web design process!

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Do: Make It Pretty

Visually appealing sites perform better and will keep the customer’s attention longer than unattractive sites per every Kansas City website design company. First impressions can stick reasonably consistently, especially a poor impression. For instance, staying with a consistent and straightforward color scheme can tie things in nicely. When used correctly, typography and fonts can reinforce your message and the brand identity to make it easier to read, while accompanying images can break up chunks of text which can become tedious for readers.

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Do: Keep It Simple

Simplicity should always be kept in mind when designing any website, but this is particularly true for SEO Companies in Kansas City who need their customers to understand the goal of the page quickly and easily. Playing with design templates may be fun but be careful not to vary within each page as inconsistent interfaces could confuse visitors or make them feel like they are jumping between websites. Keeping the layout and interface simple is key to providing a good user experience.

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Do: Keep It Clean

Too much clutter on a page isn’t just unsightly, it’s also confusing for potential customers who don’t know where to focus their attention–especially if they’re using a mobile device or tablet. A busy screen makes it difficult for them to find what they want or even understand what your page is about, so keeping pages neat and organized is important when crafting any website, especially for those working in SEO Companies in Kansas City.

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Don’t: Overload on Ads

Customers absolutely do not want to be flooded with ads–popups that interrupt articles or try to trick them into providing information when they aren’t ready are among one the top pet peeves of web users everywhere, who would rather leave the page than put up with annoying ads that take away from the user experience. That said, limiting popups or ads (or making sure they are relevant) is an important part of webpage design.

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Don’t: Overflow the Text

Although text plays an important role in helping SEO Companies in Kansas City reach their goals as well as improving performance on search engines, too much text on a given page can create an opposite effect by making it appear dull or monotonous; instead, strive for balance by breaking up text with images and strategically placing text across different elements (“above-the-fold” ) on your site such that visitors will stay on your page longer and enjoy surfing through it more regularly.


Don’t Forget To Update

Updates are important! Search engines use them as signals of relevance and freshness so refreshing content often helps maximize visibility online–especially if you cater specifically to a local audience as many Kansas City web design companies do–and keeps existing customers coming back through regular visits as updates provide something new for them each time they visit your website again.


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