SEO Companies In Kansas City Discuss The Best Blogging Frequency For Your Business – According to the best SEO companies in Kansas City, there is no golden rule on how many blogs you should post a month to improve your business’s SEO ranking. However, there are practices used by many successful businesses that can help you create a plan that works best for yours.

At Social:Managed., we are proud to be a leading Kansas City SEO company, and we want to help your business improve its Google standing. We believe that all businesses can thrive no matter how small and having an effective SEO strategy is a big part of that.

It’s important to find a blogging frequency that works best for your business; that way, you aren’t investing too much time in SEO and can still put some of your focus on social media, marketing, website design, etc.


Why Is Blog Frequency Important?

According to the best SEO company in Kansas City, blogging frequency refers to how often you publish your blogs. This is measured on either a monthly or weekly basis. There are several benefits to finding a frequency that works best for you. One of the best benefits is an increase in organic keyword ranking.

The more content you create centered around keywords and phrases, the higher your rank on Google searches. According to the best SEO companies in Kansas City, blogging frequently can also help you build a reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy business in your field.

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Tips To Find a Blogging Schedule That Works Best For You

A trusted SEO company in Kansas City believes that blogging frequency can change between fields and businesses; what works best for a painting company might not work as well for a digital marketing company. The same could be said about businesses in the same field; what works best for your competitor might not work for you.

The best way to find a blog post frequency that works is to evaluate at least ten competitors industry that has 15 or more blogs. Then, look at their sitemap and note how often they post within a specific timeframe, whether it’s a week or a month. Compare each of these businesses and determine an average number of monthly posts.

While you don’t necessarily have to post that amount of blogs, the best Kansas City SEO company believes that it’s the best way to improve your organic search rankings and surpass your competitors on Google.


It’s important that you post enough blogs so that your business gets noticed. Take a look at what your competitors are doing to see what will work best for your business.

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