An SEO Company in Kansas City Explains the Most Common WordPress Mistakes You Need to Avoid—Even the best web designers and developers sometimes need help. Whether you are looking for support from a WordPress website company in Kansas City, or want to make sure your site is optimized by an SEO company in Kansas City, it’s important you make sure not to make common mistakes when using WordPress. Read on to find out what the most common WordPress mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

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A permalink is a permanent static hyperlink pointing to a specific webpage or blog entry. Many people commit the mistake of sticking with a default URL set-up, but this could seriously affect your website’s visibility. To ensure better performance for your website, it’s important that you update its permalink structure as soon as possible with help from an experienced SEO company in Kansas City.

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Too Many Categories

Another mistake commonly made with WordPress websites is adding too many categories. Differentiating between tags and categories is essential if you want your content to be organized properly and easily discoverable by search engines. The most effective way of doing this is by keeping the overall number of categories low – no more than ten – and build your content up from there, preferably with help from an SEO company in Kansas City who understands what works best for WordPress websites.

SEO Company in Kansas City Ignoring Updates

Technology changes quickly and hence, so should your website if you wish it to remain relevant for years to come. With frequent updates released by the developers at WordPress, it becomes important that you stay up-to-date with all versions of the software instead of postponing them indefinitely. An experienced SEO company in Kansas City can be consulted for advice on which updates will bring about maximum benefits for your website without compromising its current functionalities.



WordPress offers users plenty of opportunities while creating blogs and websites but it also comes with its own set of shortcomings along with making some basic mistakes easy to fall into unless careful attention is paid during setup process (or occasional maintenance). Contact our team of dedicated professionals at an SEO company in Kansas Citytoday if you need assistance setting up or managing a website on WordPress!

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The data demonstrates that search engine optimization works. The best SEO company in Kansas City WORKS! When people get online, they do an immediate search for a product, business, or service. If you’re not on the first page, those clients will choose one of your competitors. By failing to optimize your website and engage in SEO, you will lose a substantial number of sales and brand recognition.

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