SEO has always been an essential function in increasing web traffic for businesses. However, from the beginning of Covid-19 to now, the increase in web traffic has increased dramatically.  The pandemic has forced businesses to close, and people that did not have an online presence suffered. Small and medium businesses that have successfully created a significant online presence have weathered the storm reasonably well. Those who did not invest in online marketing and SEO are having trouble surviving.  At Social: Managed., the best Kansas City SEO Company, we have identified some key points to why SEO is still so crucial during Covid-19.

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1.         Trending topics will decrease over time as the trend changes, i.e., your page will get outdated. Writing about relevant things relating to your business is okay, but those things change over time. These topics will increase traffic at first, but over time will not keep traffic long-term.

2.         Increase traffic is an SEO expert’s job but creating meaningful traffic that leads to increase business is the primary goal. At Social: Managed., the best Kansas City SEO Company, we understand the importance of meaningful traffic. Having strong leads and not just people browsing is key to improving website traffic but creating a connection as well.

3.         Search engines have to see your site as trustworthy to in order to get a boost in their rankings. This is accomplished through consistently putting out relevant content. This process is accomplished over time and does not happen overnight, so tracking growth over time is essential. The best Kansas City SEO CompanySocial: Managed., can help your business track and update content as necessary to keep you at the top.

best Kansas City SEO Company

4.         Knowing and understanding how people search is essential.  More and more people are getting web traffic from search engines. With Google assistant and other forms of search, both young and older generations are using Google as a search engine when looking for content. A premier Kansas City SEO company, like Social: Managed., understands this critical piece and how to optimize content for searching.

With more and more businesses limiting hours or closing altogether or for a time, creating local search optimization is critical for SEO companies so that they can keep businesses operating.  People are looking to shop local businesses more than ever, so optimizing keywords that create local traffic is vital.

best Kansas City SEO Company

At Social: Managed., a Kansas City SEO company, we understand the impact that Covid-19 has had on medium and small business owners alike. Utilizing SEO services is the most effective tool for generating and sustaining website traffic and to keep sales afloat during this pandemic. Give us a call at 866-324-9700 or visit our website to see how our SEO professionals can improve your business.