Page load time has always been a topic of discussion when it comes to website ranking. With Social Media outlets pushing for faster and faster load time for articles and content, it’s becoming glaringly clear that there is an acceptable load speed, and slower loading pages are simply being left behind. Hiring the best social media marketing company in Pensacola can drastically increase the traffic on your site and increase sales. At Social: Managed., a premier SEO company in Pensacola, we can help your business design a site with speed in mind or optimize your current site.

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What’s an acceptable speed?

According to Google, about 2 seconds seems to be the most acceptable rate for websites these days. Data shows that anything more than the 2 seconds and every consecutive second afterward decreases traffic by up to 8%. This is an alarming rate of decreased business when literally every second counts for interaction on your website. When less than 40% of visitors will not go back and visit a slow site, you can see that speed really does matter. Hiring a professional SEO company in Pensacola can assure that your business is not only getting the most visitors possible, but those same visitors are staying on your page.

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Sales and making sure you get returning customers both greatly depend on the speed of your website. If your site is slow, 40% of customers won’t come back. That is a very big decrease in sales for your business, in just a few seconds. Competitors with similar products will get your customers and business, as about 50% of people who are shopping on a slow website are said to abandon their purchase and choose another site. Basically, slow speed is no tolerable in today’s world of online shopping.

What Can Affect Load Time?

  • Your web hosting service and server types can greatly affect your page loading speed. You need to be very careful when picking a hosting service that you have checked their current speeds and verified their claims. Additionally, the plan you purchase if you run a medium to large business is to have a dedicated server for your business only. This will guarantee that during peak times and high traffic you have enough speed as possible.
  • Your type of content and its size is so important to speed. If you have large videos or images, it can take longer to load the page. It’s important to take to compress these large files in order to keep the site running as fast as possible without compromising the videos or images.
  • How many and what type of plug-ins you pick for your site can overwhelm the system and make the page run slower. When in doubt, use just what is absolutely necessary to your page.
  • An outdated browser can make your page run slower. Make sure your computer’s browsers are updated to the latest editions.
SEO company in Pensacola

Page load time is an important factor for your business. Optimizing every piece of your website to make sure the speed is optimal will keep customers coming back to your page. At Social: Managed., the best SEO company in Pensacola, We create and manage your page to make sure it’s running effortlessly for you and your customers so that business is at its peak. As a Pensacola web design company, we strive to design the most efficient site.  Contact us today on our website or give us a call at (866) 324-9700 to see how increasing your webpage’s speed can greatly impact your business