The Most Common Issues for People Who Need WordPress Website Help in Kansas City, Part 1 – WordPress is one of the most commonly used sites for building and customizing a business website. Unfortunately, just like with any web hosting site, WordPress comes with its share of problems that require professional help from a Kansas City web design company. Overall, WordPress is user-friendly and produces very polished results, but there are some issues that you should be aware of.

In part one of this two-part blog series, we’ll name three of the most common issues that require WordPress website help in Kansas City.

Backend Issues that Require WordPress Website Help in Kansas City

As a leading Kansas City web design company, we love WordPress because of the numerous customization options it contains. However, these seemingly endless choices can make it challenging for the best website companies in Kansas City who must keep track of many different clients.

Your website company will need to become very familiar with exactly how your business’s site is setup. If your website company is in charge of maintenance for several other clients, this can be an issue. Your Kansas City website design company will need to have a firm grasp on the specific difference between your website and its other clients. Otherwise, your site and business could suffer.

WordPress Website Help in Kansas City


WordPress Website Help in Kansas CityThe Core Product is Very Bland


Although there are many ways to add your own customizations within WordPress, the core of the product is not overly impressive. WordPress is at its best when you add many different plugins to help make your website run as it should. In fact, there are more than 40,000 plugins to help customize a website the way you want.

Without the plugins, WordPress resembles a standard word document. There is little customization available, and that’s why so many WordPress users end up downloading several plugins. Plugins provide WordPress website help in Kansas City for businesses who don’t want their site to look like everyone else’s.

Many People Require WordPress Website Help in Kansas City for Security Issues


One of the biggest issues with WordPress, according to a leading Kansas City web design company, is that programmers can access a page’s source code to see how it works. Many programmers research search codes to adapt based on their needs. Later, the code is shared with other sources.

Some view this as a positive, but the negative ramifications are that it can leave your website vulnerable to being compromised. When system code is available online, it makes it much easier for hackers to find loopholes in your security.


WordPress Website Help in Kansas City


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