6 Common PPC Mistakes – Help from a GoogleAd Company in Pensacola

It is no secret that GoogleAds can be a complicated system to operate, especially if you are not properly certified. Mistakes happen every day, but it important to learn from them so you don’t make the same mistake tomorrow. Here at Social: Managed., our team is composed of GoogleAd words consultants in Pensacola and Kansas City that can help guide your campaign in the right direction. Join us through this article to learn about 6 common Google PPC mistakes. 

Bidding on Bad Keywords 

Just because your campaign is running, does not mean you have the right keywords being used to spend your campaign money. In order to optimize your campaign, you must do thorough keyword research to determine what your potential customers could be looking for. Now, that can be a time-consuming task. If you do not have the time to research, you can hire a GoogleAd company in Pensacola to help you optimize your campaign. Our team of certified individuals would love to get your campaign on the right track to earn you more conversions. 

Location Set in Wrong Place 

While your products and services may be spectacular, if you are showing on ads to the wrong area, you could be wasting money. When targeting your ad, it’s vital to have a location objective in mind. It can be broad like a whole country or restricted to a city, depending on what your budget and company’s restrictions are. Setting the correct location is an essential part of properly optimizing your campaign.  

Ignoring Negative Keyword Settings 

Just like adding the right keywords, it is critical to remove unwanted keywords. In Google this is called making a term negative, meaning it will not show up again. If this is not a task you are familiar with, contact our Google Ad consultants in Pensacola to help you and your campaign. 

Too Short Ad 

Ad length is an essential part to making conversions. Let’s take a look at an example we do not want you to follow. 

6 Common PPC Mistakes – Help from a Pensacola GoogleAd Team


This ad is simply just too short to work well. It has only two titles when it should have three and the text is too brief to explain what they do. While the ad is clean and has no frills, that does not often work with Google Ads. Now join us to take a look at one of our GoogleAds to compare. 

6 Common PPC Mistakes – Help from a Pensacola GoogleAd Team

This ad was built by one of our GoogleAd consultants in Pensacola, and we believe it works extremely well. The titles are long enough and catchy, the text has enough information about our brand, and it gives pricing which is a great bonus. This ad will do better than the one listed above, simply because it will gain more clicks. If you are looking for an ad like the second one, contact our Google Ad team in Pensacola or Kansas City to help build a great campaign. 

Not Using Ad Extensions 

Under each ad, there’s a space that advertisers can use to add more relevant links that searchers may find useful such as your phone number, address, or a direct link to a particular product. It is important to utilize this tool to drive more accurate conversions. Take a look below at an example of some good extension usage. 

Good Use of Ad Extensions: 

6 Common PPC Mistakes – Help from a Pensacola GoogleAd Team

Wrong Keyword Types 

There are 3 types of keyword match that you can use for your ad. These are: 

  • Broad match 
  • Phrase match 
  • Exact match 

Each of these serve different purposes, but that is a topic for another blog. What you do need to know is that in order to fully optimize a campaign, these types need to be utilized correctly. If you need help with this task, contact our Google Ads team in Pensacola or Kansas City to help! 

Need GoogleAd Help in Pensacola? 

Are you guilty of any of these common PPC mistakes? Do you need GoogleAd help? Our team at Social: Managed. Pensacola is made of qualified GoogleAd Consultants who are ready to help you navigate your campaign. We are excited to provide AdWords help in Pensacola to the businesses who need assistance. Call today at (866) 324-9700 to discuss your options with GoogleAds.