How does GoogleAds Call Reporting Work?

Recently, Google released a new way to track conversions in GoogleAds. It is called Call Reporting. It is an easy way to track the calls that are made when clicking on a Google Ad. With each new addition to GoogleAds, it is important to fully understand this tool and how it works. That is where our team of GoogleAd consultants in Pensacola come to help. Join us throughout this article to learn about this new tool and how you can use it for your advertising campaign. 

What is GoogleAds Call Reporting? 

Call reporting lets you measure the performance of your call extensions, location extensions, and call-only ads. You can track details like call duration, call start and end time, caller area code, and whether the call was connected. You also can count phone calls of a specified duration as conversions and use automated bidding strategies to increase the likelihood of conversions. 

What is GoogleAds Call Reporting?

How does Call Reporting Work? 

Call reporting—which is only available on the Search Network—uses Google forwarding numbers to measure the performance of your call extension or call-only ad. A Google forwarding number is a specific number given to a business that allows Google to track this unique conversion. While your business number will show on your ad and website, when the number is clicked by a potential customer it dials this specific forwarding number. Here’s what happens when your ad runs with call reporting: 

  1. A customer taps your ad to call you. You’re charged for a click—the same CPC as if the customer were clicking on an ad that goes to your website. 
  2. The call goes to your business. Customers’ calls get routed through a Google forwarding number, which allows you to gather data about the call. So, you can see who’s calling you, caller ID still works for calls routed through Google forwarding numbers (except in India). 
  3. You can review data about all the calls from your ads and optimize your campaigns based on that information. 

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