Best SEO Companies In Kansas City: A Beginner’s Guide To Local SEO – According to the best SEO companies in Kansas City, local SEO refers to the process of optimizing your business’s online presence to increase your visibility, brand awareness, and local traffic. Common local SEO tasks include finding and targeting local keywords, optimizing your Google Business profile, and creating locally relevant content.

Businesses that have a physical location or a geographic area can benefit from local SEO. An excellent example of this is you want your Overland Park restaurant to rank when someone in your area types in “food near me.” More than 30 percent of Google searches are related to a location, so your business must have an effective local SEO strategy.

At Social: Managed., we are proud to be a leading Kansas City SEO company, and we want to help your business improve its Google standing. We believe that all businesses can thrive no matter how small, and having an effective local SEO strategy is a big part of that.


How Does Local SEO Work?

According to the best SEO company in Kansas City, local SEO uses distance, relevance, and prominence to see which businesses rank. If you own a restaurant in Overland Park, you should rank for Overland Park and any surrounding areas. Google determines how closely related a result is to what someone searches for and how far Google believes a user wants their search to reach.

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Best SEO Companies In Kansas City

How To Find Local SEO Keywords 

A leading Kansas City SEO company suggests targeting keywords that relate to your area. Again, if you run a restaurant in Overland Park, you probably don’t want to target key phrases like “best restaurant in Austin, Texas.”

Use Google autocomplete and your competitors to your advantage. A trusted SEO company in Kansas City suggests typing in keywords and phrases that relate to your business and letting Google finish them. For example, type “restaurant Overland Park” to see what comes up. Google automatically finishes your search with other popular results.

You should also use your competitors to your advantage; think of the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” SEO companies in Kansas City suggest reading the content that your competitors relate to and targeting the same keywords that they do, especially if they have the number one spot on Google.


Local SEO is important for businesses that want to appeal to their community. This type of search engine optimization is commonly used by locally owned-businesses, restaurants, and stores. It’s important to target keywords that relate directly to your area and not anywhere that Google could deem too far from your location.

Best SEO Companies In Kansas City

One Of The Best SEO Companies In Kansas City

At Social: Managed. we strive to be the best Kansas City SEO company, and we want to help our customers meet their goals. We can evaluate your business’s current SEO plan and develop a strategy tailored specifically to your needs. We strive to ensure our clients receive their desired results.

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