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Believe it or not, your website does have an expiration date, as you can only reserve a domain for a specific period of time. As a premier Kansas City web design company, Social: Managed. suggests keeping track of when your website domain expires so that you can renew your hold on the name.

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At Social: Managed., we want to help you ensure that you don’t lose your hold on your website’s domain. So, as a leading website company in Kansas City, we have compiled some helpful tips.

Use a Domain Validity Checker to See When Your Domain Will Expire

There are now websites that will check to see if your domain name has expired. Websites such as sitechecker.com and websiteplanet.com offer a domain validity checker. Your Kansas City website design company might suggest that your regularly check your websites to update your domain’s status.

Validity checkers are easy to use. Just enter the domain name into the checker’s search box, and all the information you need will be provided.

Kansas City Web Design Company

How to Tell Your Website’s Domain Has Expired

An easy way to find out if your domain name has expired is to use a validity checker. However, there are signs that can indicate your website has expired. Here are some warning signals that a company that does custom website design in Kansas City would consider indicators of an expired domain:

  • You have lost all of your work
  • You are getting loading errors
  • The validity checker tells you that your domain name has expired

Regularly checking your domain status can help ensure you renew your hold on the domain and don’t lose your business’s website.

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What Happens When Your Domain Name Expires?

When your domain name expires, it doesn’t necessarily change ownership immediately. It has to go through several steps first. The first step is reminding the current domain holder that the domain name is expiring. If no action is taken, they will be granted a grace period. If the owner fails to redeem the domain name, it is then put up for auction. If it is not purchased in the auction, it will be publicly listed for sale and anyone can purchase the domain name.

It is critical to avoid waiting until the last minute to renew your domain name. A respected Kansas City web design company will recommend that you constantly track the status of your domain and pay close attention to the expiration date. If you lose ownership of your business name, it will become challenging to conduct business, and it is virtually impossible to conduct digital marketing.

Kansas City Web Design Company

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