Once upon a time, the best SEO companies in Pensacola used ‘keyword stuffing’ quite often. This was when SEO was somewhat new, and Google didn’t really monitor keyword stuffing as closely as it does now. Today, this practice is frowned upon and can hurt your SEO efforts. That’s why the best Pensacola SEO companies, like Social: Managed., are now using different ways to get keyword recognition.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

When website companies or SEO companies in Pensacola overuse specific terms in hopes of gaining positive results on Google searches; this is known as keyword stuffing. Visible forms of keyword stuffing include unnecessary word repetition and using phrases that are not relevant to the content. There are invisible forms of keyword stuffing as well, like hiding text using a white font and background, repeating keywords in the alt text, or overusing terms in the meta description and comment tags.

The Negative Impact of Keyword Stuffing


– Loss of Clients

If your valued clients can tell that you’re more focused on gaining rankings and not putting out useful information – they may look at other sites instead of yours. It is critical to value your customers and not focus on clicks.

– Poor Reading Experience

To engage a potential customer or client, it is important to provide them with a positive experience. Content that is “keyword stuffed” clearly shows that you do not value their time.

– Penalties from Google

It is vital that your SEO company in Pensacola does not get your website in Google’s doghouse. If your site is deemed guilty of keyword stuffing, some of your website pages may face penalties. In some cases, entire websites have been removed from Google’s search results.

Best SEO Companies in Pensacola

How to Obtain Positive SEO Results Without Keyword Stuffing


– Use Relevant Content

If your content involves keywords that are relevant, you are in good shape. Still, you don’t want to oversaturate your content with keywords. Make sure every keyword or keyphrase fits naturally into your text. This is a common rule of thumb used by the best SEO companies in Pensacola.

– Check Out Your Competitors

Type one of your targeted key phrases into Google and see what competitors are ranking ahead of you. Then, check out their websites and see how they use the keywords within their content. You may be able to get some ideas and implement them into your content. The best SEO companies in Pensacola always keep their eyes on the competition to help their clients get the best possible results.

– Don’t Get Too Technical

When adding content to your site, make sure it’s easy to understand. Sometimes websites use too many fancy words, or the writers try to get too creative. Keep the content simple and easy to follow, or your readers may get lost.

Best SEO Companies in Pensacola

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