How to Optimize a Blog for SEO

In one of our most recent blog articles, we discussed what an SEO article is. An SEO article is a blog article that is optimized for search engines to find it. But do you know how to optimize a blog for SEO? Truth is, many people fail to know how to enhance their blogs to be search engine friendly and the business potential an optimized blog can bring. As the best Kansas City SEO company, we have a few tips to help you get your blogs noticed.  

Determine Your Keywords 

Chances are you are already incorporating keywords into your blogs and not even realizing it. However, in order to rank for keywords that are relevant to your business, you will need to do some keyword research. Some keyword research tools our digital marketing agency use include and

Incorporate Keywords In Your Blog 

Once you have determined which keywords you want to be found for, the next step will be to incorporate them into your blog articles. Now, before you start integrating a keyword into every sentence, it’s important that you know where to place your keywords for search engines to crawl your content. Any SEO company recommends that you include your keywords in the following places: 

  • Title 
  • First paragraph 
  • Headers and subtitles 
  • Anchor text 
  • Meta description 
  • Title tags 
  • Last paragraph 
  • Alt Text 
  • URL 

Optimize Images 

Something our SEO company has found is that many bloggers forget to optimize the images on their blogs. This tends to be a very overlooked part of SEO, yet it is quite important. Whenever you upload an image in your blog post, make sure you include a keyword in the file name and fill out the alternative text field. Because Google can’t yet examine a photo to determine what it is, you must optimize your images to tell Google what the image is about. 

By adding links in your content, you help search engines determine the article’s validity and relevance. SEO experts recommend internally linking to other pages on your website in your blog posts, as well as links to external sources. External links are an excellent metric when it comes to determining web page popularity, the relevancy of a page, increasing your website’s reputation, determining how much value your website offers, and encouraging others to link to your site. 

Publish Blog Articles Consistently 

Google is a big fan of websites that are constantly publishing new and relevant content. If you want to be on Google’s good side, our digital marketing agency highly recommends publishing articles at least twice a month. The longer the blogs are (400+ words), the more likely your SEO will improve. 

Optimize Your Blog for SEO  

Following these tips will help your website rank higher on search engines, increase web traffic, and ultimately lead to more customer conversions. If you would like to learn more about SEO and begin incorporating it on your website, you can give us a call at (866) 324-9700. Social: Managed. is a nationally recognized digital marketing agency in Kansas City and Pensacola. Our SEO experts look forward to talking strategy with you!