In the marketing and web design industry, there are hundreds of terms that are important to know about, and with the continuous rise in the industry, there will only be more to come. As a digital marketing agency in Kansas City, we’ve compiled ten essential marketing terms you need to know. 

Marketing Terms You Need to Know  


Understanding analytics is super important when making appropriate marketing decisions. Analytics show patterns in data, trends, and provide insight into your marketing tactics. The best website companies in Kansas City can help you understand the analytics of your business for future marketing decisions. 


Many businesses have a blog section on their website. These blog posts typically include regular entries on information or news within their industry. website company in Kansas City strongly suggests including a blog on your website. 

Bounce Rate 

When a person lands on your website and leaves without interacting or clicking on anything. If your site has a high bounce rate, that means you will also have poor conversion rates as nobody is staying on and navigating your website. 


A call-to-action (CTA) is something that encourages a visitor to your website to engage with your brand and initiate a lead. Examples of CTAs include subscribing to newsletters or signing up to receive a free trial of something you offer. This entices a visitor to come back to your website. 

Conversion Rate 

This is the percentage of people who have completed a CTA or have done something on your website. A high conversion rate is good, while a low conversion rate is bad. 

Inbound Marketing 

This type of marketing refers to grabbing the attention of customers through marketing activities that align to the customer’s interests, rather than forcing a brand onto prospects.  


Keywords and SEO (which we will get to later) go hand-in-hand. Keywords are topics and words in your industry that people search for the most and that you’ll want to optimize your webpage towards. The best website company in Kansas City has the necessary tools to figure out what your keywords should be.  


A lead is the first step in a person showing interest in a product or service. In order to generate leads, you must first attract the consumer and draw them in either through call-to-actions or landing pages. The best website company in Kansas City can work with you to generate leads on from your site. 


PPC, which stands for Pay-Per-Click, is a technique where a Google Ad company in Kansas City or another type of advertiser puts out an ad to a venue like Google AdWords and pays that venue whenever someone clicks on the ad.  

Search Engine Optimization   

Quite possibly the Mother of all marketing terms – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want your website to appear at the top of Google search results, then you will want to work with a Kansas City SEO company to enhance your website to include SEO elements. 

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