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According to a trusted Kansas City web design company, customers will appreciate your business more if your website has a more interactive and “human” design elements. The website design should feel real; you want your customer to have the feeling that they’re actually interacting with someone, not just a screen.

The most common problem website designers run into is not thinking about the actual user. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that actual people will be visiting your website, so it’s important to build a design that is easy to use and makes them feel welcome.

At Social:Managed., a leader in custom website design in Kansas City, we want to help you create the best possible website for your business. And, to help with that, we learned some secrets that web designers use. Here are some tips for you to follow to create a website that is both authentic and interactive.

Kansas City Web Design Company

Create a Design that Revolves Around Comfort and Predictability

Humans are creatures of habit and like it when things go the way they plan. A Kansas City website design company suggests creating a layout around this fact. For your mobile layout, make the thumb patterns reachable and easily accessible; you should also keep hand size in mind. You should also consider the font size you use in both your mobile and web design and consider the contrast between the text and its background.

Create a Design That Emotionally Connects to Your Customer

Your website design should create a relationship between customers and your product. The best website companies in Kansas City suggest creating a website design that will emotionally appeal to your customers.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to use color to your advantage. For example, red makes people feel more passionate and excited, ideal for someone who is looking to sell something high-energy, while purple promotes luxury, perfect for expensive jewelry and watches.

Kansas City Web Design Company

Make Your Design Simple

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to make your design interactive is to keep it simple. A trusted website company in Kansas City suggests ditching the idea to make a high-tech, high-effort website design and stick as close to the basics as possible. You still want your website to look professional, but it shouldn’t be complicated to navigate.

Stick with a simple color palette, ideally two colors high in contrast, and don’t use a font that is too distracting. You should also have a lot of open space, or white space, in your design, so your website doesn’t feel cluttered. Professional website designers also suggest designing interactions and notifications that are essentially invisible, like a hover animation.

Kansas City Web Design Company

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