Social: Managed. has established itself as a premier Kansas City web design company by focusing on many of the details that others may neglect.  An important part of creating a successful website is developing a landing page or multiple landing pages for those visiting your company’s website. 

You may ask, “What exactly is a landing page, and does my website need one?”  As a leader in Kansas City website design, we will answer those questions for you in this article and provide some advice on how to enhance your landing page(s) to meet their maximum potential.

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Definition of a Landing Page

The simplest way to define a landing page is that it is the first page a reader lands on after clicking a link.  Landing pages could be anything from a website’s home page, a blog, an informative page within the website, or the contact page.  The best website companies in Kansas City suggest making sure your audience lands on a page that will immediately connect with your readers and get them to navigate deeper into your website.

What are the Best Options for a Landing Page?

An ideal landing page is designed to take in web traffic and convert those readers in a particular way.  One of the best examples is if someone is browsing through Facebook or Instagram and stumbles upon an ad for insurance.  A great Facebook ad company in Kansas City will want to engage that reader with an advertisement emphasizing a free insurance quote.  When the reader clicks on the ad, they can be taken to a variety of different places, but wouldn’t it be wise for the ad to be set up to take the reader directly to where they can fill out a form to receive the free quote? 

Kansas City web design company

This is a perfect example of converting someone surfing the web into a potential customer.  As any good Kansas City web design company knows, landing pages are a critical piece of adding new business, so be sure your potential clients are being navigated to the perfect landing page on your company’s website.  Some other great ideas for landing pages are:

  • A page where readers can make a purchase
  • Form-fill pages
  • Contact page with your company’s email address, phone number, social media info, address, etc.
  • A page where you can engage with a reader via chat
Kansas City web design company

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