What to Expect with Google’s New Ranking Factor

Google recently announced that user experience (UX) will be a very important ranking factor come 2021. This should come as no surprise, as Google is always finding new ways to update their algorithm. This new update is called Google Page Experience and is essential for anyone with a website or about to design a new website. So how will Google determine whether a website’s UX is good or not? Here’s what you can expect with Google’s new ranking factor. 

What Will Google’s New Ranking Factor Entail? 

This new ranking factor will combine a variety of factors to evaluate how user-friendly a website is. It will include: 

  • Page load speed 
  • Mobile-friendliness 
  • Safe browsing with no malware 
  • Use of HTTPS  
  • Visual layout 
  • Responsiveness 

What Are The Core Web Vitals? 

Google intends to measure page experience using its Core Web Vitals. The Core Web Vitals assign scores to different website features and is especially important for the best SEO companies to know. The metrics will fall under the following three categories: 

LCP – Largest Contentful Paint 

The LCP metric will measure how long it takes for the main content on a website to load. According to Google, LCP should take up to 2.5 seconds to provide excellent UX. Anything longer than 2.5 seconds means the website needs improvement.  

FID – First Input Delay 

This will measure how much time passes between initial user interaction with the loaded page. To provide a good UX, an FID will need to be fewer than 100 milliseconds. Anything above 100 milliseconds is either poor or needs slight improvement. 

CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift 

The CLS metric is designed to measure the visual stability of a page. For Google, the lower the CLS is, the better, which means keeping it under 0.1.  

How To Prepare For Google’s New Ranking Factor 

Even though Google announced that this new page experience ranking factor won’t launch until sometime in 2021, it is something that all businesses should prepare for now. One way to prepare for this change is to try out the Core Web Vitals report to see how well your website’s UX is.  

However, the best way to prepare is to reach out to one of the best SEO companies for WordPress website help to ensure your website will be compatible with this new ranking factor. SEO companies closely monitor websites and changes to Google’s algorithm to ensure their clients’ websites are always prepared and will continue to rank well.   

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