Citing Your Material

When you write content, name-dropping can make your blog posts more likely to get traffic. Social media managers in Pensacola know that to receive greater visibility, you should include quotes from experts and provide links to their work. You do not want to promote competitors, of course, but include insights from time to time.

Do not feel you have to stick with content you have already seen on the internet. Being original is now an innovation, occasionally, reach out to an expert and get an original quote. Original content will gain social traction, and a Pensacola website design company like Social: Managed. can help you implement it onto your web page.

In 2013, Brian Carter of “The Carter Group” told Social Media Examiner that 30% of content should be original, educational material, while the rest should be curated or promotional content.

Present Personal Research and Opinion

If you want customers to view you as an expert in your industry, do your own research, conduct it yourself and give that research to a good content writer. An SEO company in Pensacola can help you do just that. A few ways to conduct your own research would be sending out surveys and trying campaigns. 

Keep in mind that your research has to add actual value for your customer. Social media managers in Pensacola can help you conduct research and better help you market your product. Once you have finished your research, compile it into a blog post or give it to content writers to promote new insights. 

Picture Perfect

Visual elements will make or break your writing. An SEO company in Pensacola knows the visual basics of writing. The most crucial tactic is visual content for optimizing blog posts and other social media content. As a rule, every single piece of content you write should have a visual component. Here are a few tips to help you when writing a blog post: 

  • Only use professional images. Don’t use stock images that have been overused. Try to use original photos or find a way to procure images that have not been published before, but make sure they are quality images.
  • Create infographics. Infographics are very engaging to readers and are a great way to share a lot of information in a small space. 
  • Embedded Videos. Embedding videos of you or your employees in your blog content is a great way to engage an audience. Ask your social media managers in Pensacola to make this a strategy for your business. It helps to earn the trust of a customer. 

There is nothing more valuable than images. They should take top priority in content writing. Most brands are beginning to understand that quality content gets more traffic online. In part three of our blog series, we will talk about how to make sure you are consistently producing quality content and why you should hire an SEO company in Pensacola.

Social Media Managers in Pensacola

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