As a leading digital marketing agency in Kansas CitySocial: Managed strives daily to get their clients to the top of page one of the Google rankings.  To do this, we must focus heavily on our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.  Using a focused Kansas City SEO company like Social: Managed can be the boost that your website needs to zoom past the competition.   

Many people think that SEO is merely plugging in a bunch of keywords, and Google will move you to the top of the rankings.  According to the top SEO companies in Kansas City, that is a complete myth.  A proven, effective SEO strategy is to use “Organic SEO.”  This article will explain the benefits of utilizing organic SEO for your website. 

Kansas City SEO company

How Organic SEO Works 

The ultimate role of organic SEO is to show Google that a website is worthy of a top ranking.  A high-quality strategy from a leading Kansas City SEO company typically consists of: 

  • Creating Informative Content 
  • Adding Multimedia 
  • Smart Keyword Choice 
  • Internal Links 

Creating Informative Content 

A critical piece of organic SEO is to create original content that is relevant to your website.  Make sure your keywords are featured in your content, but they are not just stuffed into the pages or articles.  The best SEO companies in Kansas City know that content should read naturally, or else it will not be rewarded on Google’s rankings. 

Adding Multimedia 

Adding images and infographics to your site helps engage readers and provide them valuable information without using plain text.  Multimedia items also break up written text and make your website much more appealing to your audience.  Many SEO companies in Kansas City use videos as well to help keep pages and articles more attractive. 

Kansas City SEO company

Smart Keyword Choice 

Choosing the right keywords for your target audience is critical for a Kansas City SEO company.  If you are struggling to get results on the Google rankings, try narrowing your keywords down to a specific area of the country or a specific city.  Start small and expand as you move forward. 

Internal Links 

Another effective method of organic SEO is to incorporate links on your site that take you to other pages.  This will allow search bots to crawl and index your site, improving the site’s rank on Google search results. 

Kansas City SEO company

If your business’s website needs a tune-up from a premier Kansas City SEO company, reach out to Social: Managed today.  You can contact us online or call (866) 324-9700, and we will answer any of your questions regarding website design, organic SEO, or social media ads.  We look forward to working with you!