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Meta Descriptions can often be quick after thought to those working on SEO and needing Google ranking help in Pensacola. However, this would be a mistake because a meta description plays a critical role in convincing people to click on your site. 

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This article will discuss what a meta description is, what components you need to write a good one, and why it’s so essential to SEO success.

As a top SEO Company in Pensacola, our team at Social: Managed. wants you to know exactly what a meta description is.

A Meta description is a brief description and what readers see on the google search page under the link that leads to your website. It is meant to be an attention-getter so that people recognize can quickly see if the description fits what they are looking for. The meta description provides just a tiny bit of information, but typically the reader will still need to click on the link and visit the site so they can get their question answered. 

What does a meta description consist of?

To start, a Meta description written by one of the best SEO companies in Pensacola will have around 160 characters. You want the description to be long enough to describe exactly what’s on the page, but not so long that it bores the reader. It should have just enough information to get the reader to visit the full website. 

It shouldn’t be so short that readers are confused about what exactly they will find on your page. This means that careful consideration should be taken when formulating the perfect meta description.

SEO Company in Pensacola

What Can a Good Meta Description Do?

A good meta description is essential to the success of your SEO, and your Google rankings help in Pensacola . Although it isn’t always directly related to Google, it does entice readers to click on your link much more often than a poorly written meta description. This translates to more organic traffic clicks, which does affect Google rankings. Having quality content is still the most critical piece of the meta description, then SEO optimization.

Google wants to be efficient and provide its users with a perfect match for what its users are searching for. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep a few key points in mind:

  • Make sure that the meta description matches your article.
  • Keep in mind, Google may switch up your description by using parts or pieces of your meta description if it finds users will have a better experience.
  • Each page on your website should have its own meta description unique to that page. If you use the same generic meta description for each page, users won’t be able to readily see exactly what they are looking for and click off your page quickly, defeating the purpose.
  • Use your SEO keywords if it’s possible but keep it natural in flow.
  • Use a call-to-action phrase that will entice users to want to click on your link. This might sound like “click here to learn more” or another phrase that sounds like an invite.
  • Make sure your meta description matches the look and tone of your brand. Reading the meta description should give someone a quick snapshot of what your company looks like overall and should be consistent across all platforms.
SEO Company in Pensacola

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