People search the internet for a wide range of reasons throughout the day. It turns out that there are distinct reasons why; and knowing this can help make your website more SEO-friendly. A Pensacola web design company, like Social: Managed., can help you create a fully optimized site so that when people search for a specific keyphrase, they find what they are looking for with your company’s website being at the top of Google’s set of rankings. 

Google then uses these key phrases to pull sites that it thinks might match that description. However, the sites that Google pulls greatly depend on several things. So, it is important to know why people search, and then you can use that knowledge to help you formulate the areas of your website that fulfill those people’s needs. As a reputable Pensacola SEO companySocial: Managed. wants to help you better understand some of the top reasons why people search the internet and how this might help your business grow.

To Make a Purchase

Sometimes a customer needs to purchase an item online and is looking for the best option. Let’s say they want to buy a car; some keywords they use for this might be buying a carpurchasing a car, or price of a car. When building your webpage, if you are selling an item, it’s important to consult a SEO company in Pensacola to make sure your keywords are optimal for your page so that buyers can find your site easily.

To Research and Gather Information

Many people search the internet to educate themselves on a topic. So, if you’re doing research on chandeliers some keywords for this might be, what is a chandelierhow does a chandelier work, or what are the best chandeliers. These types of searches are for people that are trying to find information and learn more about a specific subject. 

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These searchers are looking for a specific brand, webpage, or site.  They already know what they are looking for and want to go directly there. The keywords might be specific companies, names, or brands that would bring up the page directly.


This type of searcher is one that is considering a purchase and wants to look at their options. Let’s say they are looking for a refrigerator, some of their keywords might include: cheapest refrigeratorcompare refrigerators, or reviews for refrigerators. This is a way for users to browse options before purchasing something. A reputable Pensacola SEO company has tools to know exactly what keywords people are using and the best ones that companies should use to achieve success.

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Knowing these four types of users will help you formulate how to design your webpage with a website company in Pensacola company so that you are reaching all the types of searchers. Providing relevant and informative content for your webpage is key to a successful Pensacola website design and knowing what your users are looking for is important information.  

At Social: Managed., a premier Pensacola web design company, we can help you design a fully optimized website in order to achieve success in today’s competitive market. Give us a call at (866) 324-9700 or visit our website to talk to our staff on how to get started optimizing your website.