Color has a significant effect on a website design’s outcome. As a Kansas City web design company, your most important task is to ensure that the website you design properly conveys your client’s message.

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Why is Color Important in Website Design?

There are many reasons a digital marketing agency in Kansas City might choose to include color in your business’s website design. Color is a great way to build brand recognition and make some aspects of your website stand out more. There are also psychological connections to specific colors. So, using a particular color in your company’s website design can help produce a specific emotion in visitors.

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Color Helps Increase Brand Recognition

One of the most important things to your business is its brand. Color branding is an essential part of a business’s brand and the use of colors to help build an image for your company. Creating a color brand for your business can increase brand recognition by 80%.

What if, as a website company in Kansas City, you believe that your client is using the wrong color for color branding? You should ask questions that can steer them in the right direction.

  • Why did you choose this color for your brand?
  • Have you received customer feedback about this color?
  • What image are you trying to portray for your company?

Color branding is a great way to make your business memorable, which will increase your customers.

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Using Color in a Kansas City Website Design Can Make Certain Elements Stand Out

Professional website designers use colors to make certain buttons and other website elements, such as important text, stand out. A Kansas City web design company might use color to enhance items such as:

  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Subsections
  • Important text blurbs

Call-to-action buttons are critical to enhance because they lead to more interaction with your website. There isn’t one correct color to use, but many website design experts use green, orange, and red.

What Do the Colors Represent?

Psychologists have proven that colors affect people’s perception from a subconscious level. Different colors symbolize different things and can evoke certain emotions in people.

If you want someone to get a sense of power and urgency, use red in your website design. Bright red is considered to be energetic and exciting, while darker reds are authoritative and luxurious. However, use the color carefully; if not executed correctly, red can look overbearing and come off as aggressive.

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A Kansas City web design company will use blue to build trust between businesses and customers. Light blue is used to generate creativity and is often used by creative and tech companies. Darker blues are used to convey intelligence and trust. Dark blue is a great option for healthcare and government organizations’ websites.

Greens are used to portray money, balance, and nature. Green is a calming color and works great on almost all websites. It’s friendly and has been used in the health and wellness industry and environmental agency websites.

There are other colors with proven psychological effects. Before deciding which color you should incorporate into your color branding strategy, decide what message you want your business to convey, then do some research.

Creating a color brand and implementing it into your website design is crucial to becoming a memorable company.

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