Over the last several years, blogging has changed significantly.  Blogging was once widely regarded as a hobby that most people did for fun, not to enhance their business.  However, when Google made changes to its algorithm, it became apparent that blogging was pivotal to enhancing websites. 

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As one of the best SEO companies in Kansas CitySocial: Managed has the expertise to get your website optimized so that you can be successful.  We strategically use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in our blogs, which generates more opportunities for customers to find you.  Below are three keys to why blogging should be a big part of your website. 

  • Improves Google Ranking 
  • Presents Authority 
  • Increases Traffic to Your Website 

Google Rankings 

If you wish to improve your ranking on Google, make blogging a regular part of your website.  As one of the leading SEO companies in Kansas CitySocial: Managed knows how vital it is to regularly add fresh content to your space.  The more content posted, the more there is for Google to find.   

Then Google will determine whether the content is relevant to what searchers are looking for.  The more relevant your content is, combined with the amount of traffic your site gets, will determine how high your site will move up the rankings.  Of course, we all know how important it is to be at the top of page 1 of Google searches, and as one of the best SEO companies in Kansas City, Social: Managed will help you get there.


Writing fresh blogs is an effective way to offer informative material to your website’s visitors.  If your blog is found during a search and it provides helpful content to a visitor, it establishes some authority in their view.  As a leader among SEO companies in Kansas City, we can help establish that authority with your potential customers through blogging. 

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Increased Traffic 

Blogs can be shared among several different platforms, which is an excellent way to market your business.  A typical SEO company in Kansas City post multiple blogs a month to have as much information out on the internet as possible.  Even if the blogs are old, they can still pop up in search results if they are relevant to what searchers are looking for. 

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If you are not currently using blogging for your website but are looking to improve your site’s traffic, please let us know how we can help.  Our team specializes in using strategic SEO within our blogs to get you better rankings, authority, and traffic for your website.

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