Reasons Why You’re Dropping In The Ranks

You’ve spent hours researching how SEO works, what your keywords need to be, and have even incorporated them throughout your website content. However, no matter how hard you work to increase your SEO ranking on Google, you just can’t seem to move up the ranks. In fact, you find yourself actually moving down! Why is this? Trust us, as a Kansas City SEO company, we totally get how frustrating this is. Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this problem. However, there are a few reasons why you’re dropping in the ranks that our SEO company in Kansas City will explain in this article.

Algorithm Changes

The first and most common reason why people find their website dropping in the ranks is due to a change in Google’s algorithm. What does this mean? With so much information on the Internet, Google has billions of webpages to crawl to find the most relevant and useful content. To be successful at this, Google needs to update its algorithm quite often. What follows for many websites is a drop in their rankings due to a violation of Google’s guidelines. The best way to avoid a violation is by having an organic Kansas City website design and avoiding technical issues with your site.

Competitor Outranked You

If you’re in a competitive industry and noticed a drop in the rankings, a competitor likely outranked you. It is usually a slight drop, but still frustrating nonetheless. To avoid getting outranked again, SEO companies in Kansas City recommend closely monitoring your competitor’s websites and their link building strategy. As one of the best website companies in Kansas City, we are constantly paying attention to our client’s competition to make proper changes to SEO strategy.

On-Page Problems

Another reason why you could be dropping on Google is because of on-page issues. Some of these problems could be broken links, duplicate content, internal linking, keyword stuffing, short content length, zero image optimization, etc. Many on-page problems can occur and be the reason for your drop in the ranks, which is why it’s crucial that you have a professional Kansas City web design company build your website rather than build one yourself.

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